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Terms and Conditions

By browsing the Lushika website, you hereby affirm that you understand the following terms and conditions and that you have consented to them.

At Lushika, we want you to have a thorough understanding of how we use the information that can be used to identify you. These details include:]

  1. your name
  2. phone number
  3. email address
  4. mailing address

Lushika does not require you to submit information about you, nor we collect any personal information when you are just browsing our website. When you are browsing our website without providing us with any information we collect and gather information related to you such as date and time when you visited our website, type of browser and operating system you used during the visit, ID address, pages you visited on our website and if you have visited our websites from any other website then the address of that website. We assure that this information will not identify your personal details, and you will be never linked back with the help of it. The personal information provided by you will only be used for the purposes that are identified in this Privacy Statement and will in most conditions be used only to provide you the services that you explicitly requested from us through purchase of a product.

We assure you that any of your personal information will not be shared with any third party. We will never sell out your personal identification data without your permission unless it is mentioned in this Privacy Policy. The information that we gather about you can be used by us or shared with our dealers, agents, corporate affiliates and the other third parties to process your request.

All the products listed on the Lushika website have accurate descriptions to the best of our knowledge and constitute an “offer to purchase”. When you place an order using the Lushika website, you do so with the knowledge that it will be subjected to the terms mentioned below

Lushika maintains a high standard of quality in its services and ensures timely shipping of all orders to the best of its capabilities, the company will not be liable to delay in the product delivery, or a fault in the product upon receipt. Lushika. At its discretion, can offer users a replacement for the product, but under no condition is the company bound to offer such a deal.

Lushika attempts to deliver the exact colour and model of the product that was ordered from our website. In case the said product is out of stock, and cannot be procured within time to be sent to you, we reserve the right to offer you the closest possible match to the product. Such an action will be taken only under conditions that are beyond our control, and we will not be held liable for this.

In case you have any queries about our services, or have a problem with the services offered by Lushika, you can contact us through email to seek a clarification, and it will be provided to you at the earliest. You must seek this clarification before placing an order. Once the order has been placed, Lushika operates under the belief that you understand these terms and abide by them.

Lushika offers no warranties on the services rendered by the website, neither implied not explicitly expressed. Lushika dislaims all such warranties, and the company cannot be help liable for them. Lushika also attempts to make these services as safe as possible for its users, but under no circumstances will Lushika be held responsible for any kind of material of digital damage sustained to your person or belongings.

The prices mentioned for products listed on Lushika come with the service charges, packaging and other similar charges included. Our shipping charge policies are made clear on the website itself, and no such charges will be levied on you in addition to the cost of the product itself, if your order qualifies for free shipping.

All legal matters pertaining to the Lushika website will only be entertained within the legal jurisdiction of the Ahmedabad courts.

Amendment to the Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of Lushika that have been listed above are subject to change. Users are advised to peruse this page frequently as the changes will not be intimated to anyone individually. In the case of a disagreement with these terms, cease to use the Lushika website and its associated services immediately. Choosing to continue using the Lushika website qualifies as you accepting these terms, and cannot be disputed in any court.