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Shipping Policy

Lushika dedicates itself to ensuring that our customers get their orders on time and that they always receive the same product that they specified when placing the order. We do this in an effort to ensure that you always get top notch services, which keep bringing you back to Lushika

Towards this end, Lushika has set up a quality logistics and shipping division to handle the delivery of all orders across the country. It is the responsibility of this division to ensure that Lushika's customers get their products on time and without any kind of damage. Lushika is also currently offering completely FREE shipping, on all its products, for domestic orders. This essentially means that as long as this offer stands, no customer will be charged anything as additional shipping charges.

For international buyers, Lushika levies charges that depend on the weight of the product purchased, as well as the intended destination. Lushika assures you that the shipping charges are always subsidized, and great care is taken while packaging to ensure the best experience for you.

Lushika has tie ups with leading courier companies in India, and all over the world, to ensure subsidized rates for all domestic and international shipping services. This is done to ensure that not only you get the product on time, but also in pristine condition.

Lushika makes sure that the products are shipped within 15 working days from the date that a buyer makes the purchase. In case a delay of possible, Lushika makes all efforts to indicate this fact at the time of your purchase. For high value items, the products are shipped within 25-30 days, and the longer time is taken by Lushika to ensure the best and most reliable courier service provider is chosen for you. The online tracking facility is also offered by Lushika, and customers may avail it as per their convenience.

For products that require stitching or alternation before they are shipped, Lushika generally takes an additional 5-7 days for shipping.

Customers sometimes place purchase orders for multiple items and request that they be sent to different addresses. In such scenarios, Lushika recommends that these orders be placed individually, with products heading for a single common location being purchased together.

In the case of multiple products within a single order, all of which are to be shipped to a single address, the delivery date is decided by the availability of the last ordered product.

Not only does Lushika offer bulk purchase discounts, users can also claim urgent shipping services which come at an extra cost and are available right on the Lushika website.

Lushika endeavours to create a lasting relationship with you, and as such, we always attempt to offer the very best services. In case of circumstances out of control, which end up damaging your order, misplacing it enroute, or leaving it in a less than desirable state, Lushika will refund the payment that you have made to us, or replacing it, whichever is more viable.

Lushika also offers customer care services, and you are welcome to contact us. Any query that you may have about a product or service, Lushika will attempt to resolve it.

For orders that incur custom taxes and charges, the billing is separate, not part of your Lushika invoice, and will be billed to you by the courier company. These charges are not collected by us, nor are they a part of our product sales invoice. You are advised to confirm such taxes when placing the order, so that you are aware of such additional costs.


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