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Privacy Policy

Lushika considers your privacy important, and we do out utmost to ensure that you are well aware of how we collect and use any information that we have about you. This privacy policy helps you get familiar with our data collection practices and allows you a chance to not use Lushika's service should you so choose to. Lushika believes in being transparent with all its customers, and thus we will clearly explain to you, what you can expect when you use the Lushika website.

The Lushika website is free to browse, and you need not provide any personal information if you are just browsing the website. Lushika requires no such details on your part. When you are browsing the Lushiks store, our servers capture and store your IP address, as well as some information about you. This includes the OS of your computer, the browser information, and the access related details about you, such as the time you visited Lushika and the products you checked, as well as the website that led you to Lushika. The policy will explain to you the uses that we put this information to.

Lushika makes sure that the information that is automatically collected about you during general browsing sessions is not enough to identify you. The information is merely collected to assess our own marketing efforts, and to see which products our users like to check after visiting another product first.

Lushika does not release this information to any outside third parties. We only use this information to present you with better offers, and use the information that we have about your browsing habits to make your time on Lushika that much more pleasant. At times you may be asked to provide non-identifying information about yourself, such as the city you are from, and your age. Once again, Lushika does not use this to identify you in any way, and the information is only stored by us to make Lushika a better service.

We have a number of partner programs and affiliates who use our services. As such, Lushika needs to share the information it has about its users with them. The data about you is aggregated with other users, and all factors that can possibly identify you are removed in this process. It is only after doing this that the data is shared with the affiliates.

Lushika also records information regarding the general performance of the website. Details such as the pages you visited, the site path that you took to get there, as well as the time it took for you to load each page are recorded for internal review. Neither can this data be used to identify you nor does Lushika intend to use the data for such purposes. The sole aim of this information is to make Lushika a more relevant and useful online store for you.


Lushika occasionally uses cookies and places them on your computer. They are used to identify the system in a limited way. This helps us keep track of repeat visitors, as well as informs us how you discovered our website. Cookies can be disabled by you. Lushika does not collect personal information through these cookies, and simple browser modification allows you to block them if you want. If you choose to do so, you will be able to use the website, but your past searched cannot be used to serve you more relevant products and better deals.


The Lushika brand name, and any content placed on this website has been copyrighted. This content includes product descriptions, images, the content and interface format as well as the design. In essence, anything that you see on the Lushika website, and associated network, including ads and banner on third party websites, may not be used by you.

As such, they are protected by intellectual property laws and can only be used for non-commercial purposes, that too offline. Any modification to the content, even for non-commercial use is strictly prohibited, and the permission to use the content in any way should be forwarded to

Only upon a written consent are you allowed to use the material.


In the case of confusion or query about the privacy policy that Lushika follows, please write to