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Selecting Wedding Lehenga for the important occasion

Monday, January 18, 2016 4:53:09 AM America/Los_Angeles


India is a diversified country and the citizens here just love to wear in their best, be it festive occasions, weddings, party or just about anything. Lehenga sarees are undoubtedly one of the most popular clothes that are sold not only throughout the country, but also enjoy good demand abroad.

About Wedding Lehenga sarees

Lehengas are said to have its origins in Rajasthan. These for long have been the favorite for the women of the country. As a matter of fact, Bridal Lehenga Sarees especially are said to have undergone several improvisations and has a contemporary and traditional appearance. One can find heavy lehengas coming with different options such as zari, silk, brocade, crystal, stone embellishments, etc. The blouse, choli and lehenga are undoubtedly, the most important part of entire bridal get-up.

When discussing about lehengas for brides, then contemporary versions of choli like bikini patterned blouses and fitting corsets are considered to be the results which has come from years of improvisation to suit every current preference and trend. Again, choli is likely to have resham dori hanging on the back or the person has the option to choose backless styles. It helps to add contemporary touch to the traditional attire. However, the ideas simply do not stop there. The strapless or halter neckline blouse seems to be the hot favorite of this season and is sure to provide that oomph factor on the wedding day and to make all eyes to be focused on the person.Therefore, with minute detail, be it choli, dupatta or the lehenga can be easily played with for enhancing the individual’s appearance and beauty. Moreover, in case of lehengas for the bride, women have began to experiment with different colors and drifted away from usual red ones.The latest trends tend to include multi-colored panels that show the different layers forming vibrant mix, to give way to modern appeal to the attire.

Buy Lehengas Online of Bollywood style

Bollywood and TV soap influences have helped to bring back glamour and beauty that is associated with traditional, authentic, lehenga-choli look, hence making ‘traditional’ to appear like the new ‘fashionable’. Intricate embroidery or Gota-patti heavy borders over the years have become the major preference for most women, especially when it comes to selecting lehengas for the bride. 

The recent hottest trend that has been noticed is wearing lehenga and a silk blouse, with dupatta made from flowing fabric, for example chiffon that is adorned with embellishments for keeping intact the glamour quotient.


If the individual plans to experiment something new this season and to impress others, then trying out the lehenga saree can be the perfect choice. There are a variety of choices available at the leading shops or online stores, from where the person can go through and select the one, which best fits their personal preferences and requirements. With the lehenga merging appearance of a saree, it outcome is definitely beautiful and termed to be a fabulous mixture of classic styles, which has only been made much better with time.

Posted By Vinay Patel

How to make every woman look beautiful in a saree

Monday, January 18, 2016 2:49:27 AM America/Los_Angeles


Sarees are loved by Indian woman because every woman looks graceful and very stunning in a saree of any kind and from any region. Saree in itself is a long cloth that is draped around the body that enhances the beauty of the woman. The variations that you get make it the most loved and worn by woman of all ages. Every woman of all sizes can wear sarees of various kinds and look great and can buy sarees online. The saree has been made especially for Indian woman keeping in mind the figure, the skin color and the lifestyle as well.

Let us check how to be careful while choosing the saree

Choosing for the heavier woman – many of the Indian woman are fat and if they wish to look slimmer, then saree is one of those attires that make them look slimmer and sexy as well. However, it is important that they choose fabrics like crepe, chiffon, georgette and light weight silks that make them look slimmer as they do not flare and make them look fatter. Apart from this they should not include petticoats that have flares or pleats in them. They should wear something that is thin like satin and crepe.

For thinner woman – thinner woman should wear sarees that flare up a little and make them look fuller. Woman who is thin should use sarees made of organza, tissue silk, cotton, kota, etc. It is important that thin woman get a nice figure as such materials have a tendency that does not stick to the body.

Shorter woman – if woman are short then the saree chosen should be something that will make them look tall. Try the sarees with smaller borders and come in single colors. They will definitely make the woman look taller. Large prints should be avoided so that the saree gives a taller look.

For taller woman – if the woman is very tall, then the use of larger prints will definitely make them look a little short. Ensure the colors too are not very light. Darker colors are great for taller woman.

Woman with dark complexion – many Indian women have a dark skin color and want to look fair. There are colors in a saree that make one look dark or fair. Woman who is dark skinned should focus on lighter colors that are very Indian colors. Dark colors like green pink and maroon are also good.

Office going woman – office wear is very important for woman and those who are working should be careful about what they wear. Avoid fancy works on the saree and something that comes with transparent fabrics. Bright colors too should be avoided.

Wedding sarees for woman – wedding sarees are loved by all; however, wedding sarees too come with its set of rules. Bridal sarees are heavy with heavy work and if the bride can carry it, it is great. Those who cannot should opt for pure light weight silk sarees with little work on them.

One can buy sarees online as you get all types on online stores.

Posted By Vinay Patel

Accentuate your figure with Indian lehengas

Friday, January 8, 2016 3:21:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

image Accentuate your figure with Indian lehengas The lehenga saree or the lehenga choli has been a favorite among the Indian women since centuries. They are worn all over India in different style and ways. They come in three parts and comprise of the skirt called the lehenga, and the blouse called the choli and the dupatta or the scarf or veil. The three parts are together worn to give a fascinating and mystic look. It is most preferred dress for girls in south India and western parts of the country as well. The Lehenga for the North Indian girls is something to be worn on special occasions. Many buy lehengas online as one can see the variety easily here. How to wear a lehengs Lehenga can be a created out of various fabrics like silk, cotton and net or georgette. The lehenga is worn as a skirt and should be tied to the waist so that it flows up to the toes. The lehengas flares if it is created in that cut, however, it can also come in mermaid style that is tight at the hips and flares below the knees. Or even is a slim fit lehenga that suits well for hour glass figure. The blouse or the bodice is created in thousands of styles with backless design as well as a deep neckline fashion. Heavy work can also be seen on the top, or the choli worn with the lehenga. It can be long that touches the lehenga or short that just touches the midriff. It can also be stitched sleeveless or with sleeve whether long or short. The dupatta is also worn in different styles either in front of the choli or simply throw it at the back covering the front. Dupatta can also help change the look of the lehenga. Buy lehengas online so that you get to see every piece and how it is worn. There are many designs and different styles, and you can pick the one that will suit your budget and your figure. Check out from the wide range of fabrics that are work on differently on each and every one.
Posted By Vinay Patel